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Security Design And Planning

PAHEK views security as an integral part of any business and as such, it is advised that security considerations are made proactively at the inception of any project, business or construction.

We help clients plan their security design for new buildings / facilities given the nature and purpose of the facility as well as anticipated threats. For new facilities, we work with architects and builders at the design and construction phases. We also make recommendations on the type of materials / security barriers to be used in such facilities. We ultimately design the security system for the facility with a recommended combination of people, policies and hardware.

For existing facilities, comprehensive surveys are conducted with the objective of identifying current security exposures and recommending cost effective mitigation strategies.

Our understanding of design makes us the perfect choice for determining the building / perimeter detection systems, CCTV or surveillance systems needs for any facility, types required and points to be installed / positioned for a high returns on investments.



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