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Discover the security gaps in your business

Conduct a Comprehensive Physical Security Assessment and strengthen your Physical Security Program.


When you don’t know your security gaps, your protection efforts will be inadequate

Investing in a security system without the knowledge of your security risks and exposures is like treating a patient without proper diagnosis.
If you don’t understand your security exposures before investing in security solutions,
  • You invest in the wrong solutions
  • Your security challenges persist
  • Your efforts at protecting your assets are wasted.
  • And you continue to experience security incidents

And when these happen, your business suffers operational disruptions, you become distracted and you loose money. All these can be frustrating … and a lot to deal with.

Take proactive steps and get a plan to protect your assets

Conducting a Security Risk Assessment is foundational to an effective physical security system – one that actually protects your assets, minimizes operational disruptions and gives you the peace of mind to focus on your business goals.

It helps you…

  • Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your physical security system
  • Provide a specific plan (with solutions) on how to strengthen the weaknesses
  • Save money by spending only on specific solutions you need to minimize your risk levels
  • Improve and strengthen your physical security system.

What does a Physical Security Assessment entail?

An assessment process requires collaboration with the client as this is crucial to achieving success.

It typically requires the following activities –

  • Review of the site or facility plan
  • Interviews with key personnel
  • Review of security policies and procedures
  • Observation of the degree of compliance to policies and procedures
  • An evaluation of the crime data and history of the environment
  • Review of security personnel and their duties
  • Review of your entire physical security infrastructure and systems
  • Development and prioritization of recommendations
  • Preparation of a written assessment report

When should you conduct an Physical Security Assessment?

You should conduct physical security assessments on your business if or when…

  • You experience a high-impact security incident
  • You are recording recurring (similar or different) security incidents
  • The last assessment was conducted a long time ago
  • There is a change in the scope of your business operations like a major expansion
  • You are relocating to a new facility

Besides these conditions, assessments are advised to be conducted annually.


Organizations we have helped strengthen their security system

How it works

Evaluating your physical security system, and getting a comprehensive plan to protect your assets is simple.

Request a comprehensive physical security risk assessment
We carry out the physical security risk assessment
We find the security gaps and give you a plan to strengthen your security system

Better protect your assets with a plan to strengthen your security system.