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Protect your Premises with Security Guard Service you can trust

Exceptionally trained security guards that enhance your corporate image
Prevent Theft
Minimize Disruptions
Improve Customer Experience

Finding a Reliable Security Guard Company can be Challenging

Security Guard Service That Aligns
With Your Business Goals

You can trust our security guard service because…
Our Security guards are trained to protect your assets
Our security guards understand your threats and know what’s important to you. They know what to protect, how to protect and when to respond in a wide variety of situations. This means you can minimize distractions arising from security incidents and have more time to focus on achieving your business objectives
We improve your customer experience
Our security guards look smart at all times. In carrying out their duties, they are always firm but courteous and helpful. They will enhance your visitor and customer experience – which is good for your corporate reputation.
We respond timely and resolve issues
We don’t abandon you in the time of security incidents or crisis. We always respond in a timely fashion, provide advice (if and when required) and ensure that no issues are left unresolved.

Getting Our Reliable Security Guard
Service Is Easy

Then take these 4 easy steps and you will be on your way to deploying security solutions you can trust.

Request our reliable security guard service
We conduct a survey, make recommendations and offer pricing
You approve
our proposal
We deploy verified and trained security guards that will protect your assets

Why Partner With Us?

You should consider us a reliable partner for security guard service if…

You have a strong desire to secure your workplace environment
Our goal is to help you create a secure workplace so you can avoid distractions and operational disruptions, and focus on your core business operations. This means we only partner with businesses we have shared goals with – businesses that truly want to protect their assets.
You need an experienced partner
With over 35 years’ experience, 1000+ security guards deployed across Nigeria, helping businesses across various industries (construction, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil and gas etc) to protect their valued assets, we provide the right guarding structure and system for your specific security needs.
You require motivated, fit-to-work security guards
We care about the welfare of our employees – including our security guards. So, we make sure that they are paid salaries that will take them home. We also provide health insurances and other workplace insurance cover in the event of any uncertainties while at work. This reduces their level of attrition… and the guards are happy and highly motivated to work wherever they are deployed to.

Businesses have trusted us since 1987

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Security Guard Service designed specifically for your Business Operations

Protect your business assets. Whittle down security incidents. Minimize business disruptions. Dial down distractions. Save money.

With our security guard service, you can create a safe and secure workplace that will provide the peace of mind required to focus on achieving your business goals.