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Protect your Assets from Security Threats that Disrupt your Business Operations

Custom Physical Security Solutions You Can Trust

Reduce Security Risk
Minimize Disruptions
Save Money

Operational Disruptions from Security Threats can be Expensive

Physical Security Solutions That
Give You Peace Of Mind

You can trust our physical security solutions for several reasons.

Solutions are custom to your needs
We don't just recommend and deploy solutions to your site, we assess your risks and only recommend solutions that are specific to the threats your business is exposed to.
We protect your assets and minimise operational interruptions
This means you can attend week(s) long trainings and conferences or even take a family vacation and be confident that your assets are protected and operations are running smoothly.
We reduce opportunities for crime
We create a safe and secure environment for your business to thrive. This means minimal incidents, less distractions and more focus on your core business objectives.
We save you money
With security incidents and disruptions largely minimised, you don't have to spend money on replacing lost items or other post-incident recovery events. You will also be eligible for reduced insurance premiums.

Our Physical Security Solutions that
Protect your Assets

Security Risk Assessment
Security Guards
Security Training
Airport Protocol Services
Escort Services
Guard Tour Systems

Want to minimize Security Incidents that Disrupt your Operations?

Then take these 3 easy steps and you will be on your way to deploying security solutions you can trust.
Request for a free facility security assessment to identify the security threats you are exposed to.
We recommend specific solutions that prevent, reduce and contain the identified threats.
You approve, and then we deploy our solutions. You begin to reduce operational disruptions from security threats to an acceptable minimum.

Why Partner With Us?

You can consider us your preferred partner to protect your valuable assets if…
You value your reputation
We understand the value of a good reputation to your organization (and to ours too) – especially one that has been built over several years. This is why we make sure all permits required to operate our business are complete and valid at all times. Our actions and processes are always in compliance with all applicable laws.
You desire an experienced partner
With over 35 years’ experience helping businesses across various industries (manufacturing, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil and gas…) to protect their valued assets, we have garnered all it takes to help you create a safe and secure workplace environment – where you can focus on achieving your core business objectives.
You have tried different physical security solutions without success
If you consistently record security incidents despite your investment in different security solutions… and securing your assets has become a challenge, we have the knowledge and expertise to improve your security systems to one you can trust.

Businesses have trusted us since 1987

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Security solutions designed specifically for your Business Operations

Protect your business assets. Whittle down security incidents. Minimize business disruptions. Dial down distractions. Save money.

With our physical security solutions, you can create a safe and secure workplace that will provide the peace of mind required to focus on achieving your business goals.